Booking Guidelines

Booking Information

You must be a current and financial WARI member (or members of interstate affiliates) to book our holiday homes. Please note bookings are non-transferable to non-members. The member making the booking must be present at the home throughout the duration of the stay. Additionally members can only book one holiday home at any given time.

Weekly bookings operate from Saturday to Saturday and can be made 12 months in advance; aside from school holiday periods (including Easter & Christmas) which are conducted by way of a ballot or otherwise advised.

Short term bookings (i.e. overnight, mid-week or weekends) are only available to book, if vacant, 2 weeks prior to the required arrival date.

The Home is considered ‘allocated’ at the time of booking (verbal / written) and any change will only be made in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If a booking is cancelled, transferred to a different date or otherwise changed at the request of a member, cancellation fees will apply as below. Fees will also apply to short-term bookings i.e. less than 7 days. WARI reserves the right to change bookings where repairs or maintenance are required or should other circumstances make it necessary.

Failure to notify our office of any intended cancellations in a timely manner will incur the relevant cancellation fee as listed:

Amount of notice Penalty Fees
From Date of Booking until 4 weeks prior $50 per week booked
2 - 4 weeks $100 per week booked
2 weeks or less 100% cost of total booking

During the peak use period being the 1st October through to 30th April, the maximum occupancy is 2 weeks at any one location. Outside of this time, the cap is 4 weeks.

All standard bookings will require immediate full payment via credit card to be paid using the system. Once paid, an email will be issued with a booking confirmation, holiday accommodation details and a receipt.   For short-term bookings the full total amount of the booking will be due on confirmation.

WARI will also require a copy of our completed and signed booking hire form at the time of receipt of deposit (or payment for short-term bookings). No payments will be processed until this form is received at our office.

At any time the Manager may use his discretionary powers to decline bookings.

The caretaker is under the direction of the Manager of WARI and has authority to administer the building. Tenants are to occupy the premises in a manner which will not cause offence or complaint by neighbours and are required to comply with the regulations of the caravan park (where applicable).

Please review the WARI Terms and Conditions for further information.