About WARI

Western Australian Railways Institute

The Western Australian Railways Institute Inc. (WARI) is a Members based organisation dedicated to providing leisure and lifestyle products and services to employees within the rail industry, at discount rates to assist Members to enjoy a quality lifestyle and experience all that life has to offer.

Because of WARI's unique position as a not-for-profit organisation in the recreation market, WARI are able to offer products and services at rates unequalled anywhere else.  From the portfolio of top class Holiday Home accommodation throughout WA, to premium access to the hottest Entertainment and Events, membership to the popular Frequent Values by Entertainment program nationwide, and exclusive Food and Dining, Sports and Retail offers; with benefits and discounts in a wide range of areas - Members will be sure to live life and love WARI!

Our Mission
"To provide excellent products and services that will enhance our member’s recreational leisure and lifestyle."
Our Vision
"To be the best recreational and lifestyle organisation for employees of the rail industry in Western Australia."













Established in 1897, WARI has a traditional background of providing lifestyle products and services to employees within the rail industry. Since becoming incorporated in 1999, WARI has opened its doors to a much wider range of people within the transport industry and a select base of members from the general public.

Whilst still remaining true to our underlying foundations, WARI has recognised the need to make changes to accommodate the needs of our members to serve them well into the 21st century.












Wellington Street (circa 1923), The WA Railways Institute building is behind the Majestic Theatre



The Western Australian Railways Institute (WARI) is governed by our Council consisting of the following duly elected members who operate under a set of by-laws striclty outlined in the Constitution. 

Steven Pelham


Peter Jones

Vice President

Shahpoor Kalantary

Mark Toogood
WARI Manager

Carl Delaney
(Downer EDI)


Sameer Halai


Mark Harrington


Tim Woolerson


WARI operates under a set of by-laws strictly outlined in the Constitution. Last amended version: November 2018.

Additionally, the Sports, Recreation and Development Fund which conducts the SPIRIT Prize Draw with the active participation from Members, operates adhering to the guidelines and is administered with co-operation from independent Auditors.


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