WARI Holiday Home Ballots


Christmas 2022 & January 2023 Holidays

Holiday Dates:

Christmas Holidays 2022:   Week 1:   Sat 17 Dec - Sat 24 Dec 2022
                                            Week 2:   Sat 24 Dec - Sat 31 Dec 2022

January Holidays 2023:       Week 3:   Sat 31 Dec 2022 - Sat 7 Jan 2023
                                             Week 4:   Sat 7 Jan - Sat 14 Jan 2023
                                             Week 5:   Sat 14 Jan - Sat 21 Jan 2023
                                             Week 6:   Sat 21 Jan - Sat 28 Jan 2023

Ballot Status:

Week 1 and Week 2:          10.00am, Friday 12 August 2022
Week 3 and Week 4:          10.00am, Friday 19 August 2022
Week 5 and Week 6:          10.00am, Friday 26 August 2022

Booking dates will stay open until all home vacancies are sold.

How to Book:

Visit the WARI online accommodation booking page here

Ballot Locations and Rates:


Ballot Information:

This year the July and September/October School Holidays 2022 were opened up to all Members online. The same process will operate for the Christmas 2022 and January 2023 Holidays though arranged across 3 On Sale dates. Members will be available to purchase their idyllic holiday accommodation location and date(s) using the WARI online booking system. 

Here's some helpful hints to help you secure your holiday:

  • Record the on sale time and date in advance - set an alarm
  • Check your access to the online booking system - run a trial search for your location
  • Have a destination in mind, and perhaps a second or third option for locations and dates
  • Ensure you have access to the internet and your credit card available
  • Read the WARI online accommodation booking page for further helpful system information here
  • Standard WARI booking guidelines and terms and conditions apply
  • Bookings during School Holiday dates are only eligible for WARI Members

Hint: All users will need to create a new password for first time access by using the Forgot Password link.

How to Book:

Visit the WARI online accommodation booking page here