How do I purchase Movie, Theme Park and Entertainment Tickets?


  1. Register as a New Customer

  Via the WARI Website Homepage:
  Visit, and click on the Member Discounts button on the homepage to begin

Via the WARI Website:
Visit, find My WARI on the Menu bar and select Member Discounts: Movie Tickets and Attractions on the drop down menu to begin, or click here   NB: Please be sure to read the information below first, or open up a seperate browser window.

  1. Register as a New Customer

When you first try to access or view the benefits on the site, you are classified as a New Customer and a screen will appear asking you to Create an Account.

For future visits you will login as a Registered Customer with your chosen email and password.

Please note this login is to access the Member Discounts online shop only

  1. Create an Account

On the Create New Customer Account page, you will need to enter the following details:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Member Number
  4. Email
    We suggest a personal email, this way you don’t have to check your work email when ordering digital vouchers and enjoying your personal time.
  5. Password
    Choose your own
  1. Enter your Billing & Shipping Address

When purchasing for the first time, you will have to enter a billing and shipping address, with any further orders these will be saved, so in future you can just select to use a stored address.

  1. Purchase your Tickets

Once you’ve browsed the fantastic products and discount offers available and made your selections,  click on the Cart icon and follow the purchase detail prompts.